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Could you use a little extra cash?

If you’re like most of us, you could use a little extra money. You might actually have some extra money, and not even realize it! Bring your unwanted items to us today, and turn them into cash!

If you're no longer wearing it, bring it in!

Get a fair price for your items

As gold prices rise, now is a great time to bring your gold jewelry, electronic parts, and more. In any condition, and of any type—we’ll give you an honest price. You’ll also get great prices on platinum scrap in any form, such as jewelry or wire, as well as high premiums paid for grand baroque, Francis I, and all Tiffany patterns for sterling silver.

Buying anything made of gold in any condition:

• 10k gold

• 14k gold

• 18k gold

• 22k gold

• 24k gold

• Dental gold

• Gold electronic parts

• Gold Masonic items

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Your sterling silver is wanted:

• Antique tableware up to $10,000

• Completed 8 cts flatware up to $3,000

• Serving trays up to $1,500

• Tea sets up to $4,500

• Silver bars

• Silver bowls

• Silver framework

• Franklin mini sets

• Private mini sets

In addition to buying gold, silver, and platinum, we also buy broken jewelry and sports memorabilia, as well as offering full estate buying services. And if you're looking for a unique jewelry item, we've got a wide selection for sale. You never know exactly what you're going to find at Northeastern Jewelers & Estate Buyers, so stop in today for some great surprises!

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